Technologies used in Mission Impossible 4 ghost protocol

Do you think that the gadgets used in mission impossible is actually existing or is it still a concept?

Lets look at the Technologies used in Mission Impossible 4 ghost protocol  and lets see if they are existing or still a concept


In the starting scene of the movie , we see one of the agents wearing a contact lens which helped him scan a crowd , to find one man.


A team of US and Finnish bio-engineers have embedded an antenna, radio receiver, control circuitry, and LED into a wearable contact lens.

Power from an external battery is transmitted via Radio Frequency  to an antenna that runs around the edge of the contact lens (the gold ring that you see in the image below), so that the wearer’s vision is not  obstructed. An integrated circuit harvests the energy, and then powers an LED (which emits a nice blue light),as clearly shown in the above picture.

2. Sticky gloves

Here the gloves are able to stick or adhere itself to the glass of the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai , it based on static electricity like the ones we do when we rub a silk cloth with a ruler and the ruler starts to attract paper bits. As far this one is concerned it still a concept and not yet been practically or yet been developed, hoping that one day one person invents it so that we all can start climbing building s like Ethan Hunt..

3.Magnetic Levitation suit

The magnetic levitation is already existing , in actuality in order for the suit to levitate a person an  super conductor is needed to lift him up and also an coolant is needed to keep it from over heating.

4.BMW i8

The Heads Up Display (HUD) is being a reality in-car’s today , gesture recognition used in MI-4 is still a concept.

In the movie there is a full screen for the HUD with gesture recognition along side GPS navigation system, though it looks awesome in the movie , it may be impossible for the driver to drive and provide gestures at the same time.

5.The holographic projection screen

This is one the best and also the toughest to describe in this movie. The gadget is placed in the middle of a corridor, and creates a false 3D image of a corridor, and renders it on a screen mainly focusing on the eyes of the viewer, which makes him/her  feel that the corridor is empty, even though there are people standing behind the screen(just like in the movie ).

The gadget comprises of a robotic arm, which tracks the person’s eyes, and creates a 3D hologram of the opposite side of the corridor relative to the person’s motion. The only drawback is that as shown in the movie if more no. of people are the viewers then it is hard for the camera to focus as there are different that need to be rendered.

6.Surface Computers

Surface computers demonstrated by Microsoft have impressed a lot of people and are very exciting. One such surface computer is used in the movie. When Tom Cruise places his USB Flash drive on the screen, the contents are automatically read by the device.
7.Paper Clip Tracker

A paper clip which can be traced, is placed in the villian’s briefcase. The paper clip is tracked using an iPhone, which when pointed at the paper clip’s direction, indicates its location. This paper clip is used especially when the visibility is low. In the movie, there happens tp be a dust-storm(seen in pic), and the person walking away with the briefcase is tracked using the Paper Clip Tracker.
The gadgets in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol might be the stuff of fantasy today but there are strong signs they could well be the products of reality tomorrow.

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