Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X+ | HTC Lets Us Down Again

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The HTC One X wasn’t a big enough rival to the Samsung Galaxy S3, so HTC has brought out the One X+. How will this newer version do against the Samsung flagship? Has it got the goods?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X+

The HTC One X+ sales numbers aren’t in yet, so we’ll have to work with just specs. HTC claims that the One X+ is 67% faster than the One X, thanks to a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip. The US version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a dual-core 1.5GHz chip.

The HTC One X+ screen has a 1,280x720p resolution and a 312ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8” Super AMOLED screen with a 306ppi and the same resolution numbers as the One X+. Many say the HTC One X+ offers more naturalistic colours and performs better in bright light. Others prefer the ultra-real hues and deep blacks of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has 16 and 32GB versions, and can take SD add-on up to a further 64GB. The HTC One X+ has 64GB of internal storage and no SD, but it does have 25GB of Dropbox.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is 4.7oz and is measures 5.38×2.78×0.34”. The HTC is a bit heavier at 4.76oz and slightly smaller at 5.28×2.75×0.35”.

Jelly Bean is finally making its way to most Samsung Galaxy S3 now, but the HTC One X+ has Jelly Bean pre-loaded. Both have NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc, and both have 2,100mAh batteries.

They both have 8MP rear cameras too, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 1.9MP front camera that beats the 1.6MP front camera on the HTC One X+.

The HTC One X+ has some fab specs, but it’s still no competition for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and for reasons that we’ve already been over when we compared the One X with the S3 earlier this year.

The two biggest reasons are the unremovable battery and the lack of SD support. The HTC One X+ doesn’t come with all US carriers, either. HTC has fiddled with and fine-tuned things that are OK, and ignored things that aren’t  The three reasons above are the reasons we preferred the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the original HTC One X, and now the HTC One X+ fails for the same three.

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