PhoneJoy Play expandable controller | The future of mobile gaming

The bane of mobile gaming isn’t its casual approach or the lack of blockbuster graphics, but rather the constraints that touchscreen controls put on the actual gameplay. When games work well on a touchscreen, it’s generally because the design was done with those controls in mind. With the Play controller …

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Call of Duty reinvents the loadout system for Black Ops 2

One of the biggest complaints of the Call of Duty series is that there haven’t been major innovations from one to the next. Playing one or another is simply a change in strategy. For the first time in a while, Black Ops 2 will have a major change in gameplay …

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GTA 5 | Surprises We Haven’t Seen Yet?

When it comes to GTA 5 it has been an amazing month. The tease launched by Rockstar focused mainly on the three protagonists. One of which is Trevor Phillips. The tease promises fans of the game some official artwork and along with this we saw freebies offered in preparation for …

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