GTA 5 | Surprises We Haven’t Seen Yet?

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When it comes to GTA 5 it has been an amazing month. The tease launched by Rockstar focused mainly on the three protagonists. One of which is Trevor Phillips. The tease promises fans of the game some official artwork and along with this we saw freebies offered in preparation for GTA 5. However to be in with a chance to win you need to have entered by Friday of last week.

GTA 5: what else could be coming our way?

During the middle of last month the trailer 2 for GTA 5 arrived and this was analysed. Rockstar also made a point about the graphics in the trailer not being pre-rendered. With it having been revealed that the details were footage from the game, this is very impressive.

There have been some readers saying that they thought that Trevor, thanks to his personality, will be great for the dirty jobs in the game. Of course Rockstar will have ensured that all characters will be used in certain missions, this means you will not have a choice of character. The lack of co-op mode did put some people off last month, with many gamers believing that this would have been a perfect game for a co-op mode.

There are many PC users who are not pleased with Rockstar over the release details and they are not pleased at having to wait a lot longer. Meanwhile some gamers have expected this thinking about how Rockstar have lacked in the past when giving support to PS3 owners and those of the Xbox 360 first.

Surprises for GTA 5 are still needed before it is launched and during the past few months there has been a lot of news coming out, plus an exclusive magazine and Rockstar’s official blog has been revealing details. However there are still some things that gamers have been left wondering about, some of these questions have been answered by way of GTA 5 rumours.

So while you know a lot already, what more surprises could we see? The folks over at Product-Reviews think that some finer details about the game need improving and may come by way of what we’ve seen already. This could be in the form of weapons with silencers so as not to alert police, and other things that would go towards adding realism to the game such as more animals out on the streets other than just dogs.

What other surprises do you think Rockstar has for GTA 5?

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