Step By Step SEO Tutorial 3

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Step 9:

Google Adsense

Google AdSenseis a Google service for which the webmaster inserts a website text-based, images or video ads, called AdWords into their website, and get money for each ‘click’ that visitors click on the ad. This is a Adsense and if you want to put your adds in others websites through google, it will be called Google Adwords.

How to work with Adsense?

Operation is very simple. The webmaster inserts a JavaScript code that calls a Google server. This server analyzes the page where you insert the code and, depending on the contents therein, generates a code that displays a series of ads for companies that are related to the theme of the page.

In this way, you get the ‘clickthrough rate’ (the percentage of visitors who click the link) is higher, since readers are more interested in the topic. Thus, the benefits are greater for the webmaster.

Moreover, the formats of the ads are highly customizable, both in color and size. Even you can prevent ads from your competitors web sites appearing in this advertisement posted.

What I need to participate in the service Adsense?: Only need to be the administrator of a website and make a request to the Google team. That yes, Google has some very clear rules with the quality of the websites, not to insert AdSense on pages that have pop-ups or dialers, for example.

Once your site has been accepted, you can start inserting advertising in minutes. However, it may be that the ads are not visible for a few hours since the Google ad server have to crawl your site.

How much money will I make?

Google does not provide any amount of money for each ‘click’, varies with each advertiser, and it is Google that decides this amount. However, in every moment you can see how much money you’re winning.

Google sends a check to your home at the end of each month provided you earn more than $ 100. Anyway, the end of each year sends you a check for whatever amount of money you’d be.

Step 10:

Search Engine is powered by humans. Human editors compile all the listings that directories have. Web directory is listed with is important is important is because many people see these listings. Also, if you have listed with them, crawler-based search engines and so are likely to find your site and add it to your listing for free.


Before submitting to any directory you want to prepare your site for this. This means that you prepare a 25 word or less description of your entire web site is written. Two or three key positions that report that you wish to use must be found.

Keyword research to help consider what your site instead of thinking on these terms may be best to set keyword phrases. A list of resources for the people search page that you would allow such research.

It is important that you write do not describe use marketing language. So, such Athletic shoes “as” and walking shoes “if you sold shoes and wanted it was for words,” You are a “write only the facts described in this way” can: Buy Athletic shoes, running shoes are hiking boots and other shoes than our cross country trail finder try. You describe this as one who is full of marketing, publicity and do not want to dislike the Editor: The world’s largest brand largest online shoe store with best prices!

Step 11: Webmaster tools

The Google Webmaster Tools are a set of utilities that owners have a website or blog to verify certain aspects related to Google.

First of all, to use our blog we must verify, By putting code or uploading a file to our server. Once verified you can access the control panel of your domain.

There you will find 4 different types of utilities: Information site, your Web site, Diagnostics and Labs, Let’s dissect:

Site Information

First, we can handle Sitemaps, Some files. Xml that tell Google all the pages to include and other data such as the crawl.
If we use WordPress as a plugin must install Google XML Sitemaps, Have generated the sitemap and included in this control panel. Typically the address is, so we will include it and Google will review.

In Crawler Access has passed we will see when the Google robot through our website and see if you read that correctly our robots.txt file, a text file which indicate which pages should not be indexed. Also in this section can delete a specific URL.
Site Links is a section where you can check if Google has generated links site (Sitelinks) on our website, which will check for the name of our blog to Google, Sure that you have ever seen.

There is no magic formula to obtain links from sites, but it seems to help have many links to specific parts of our blog (including links generated site) and as always a good design, accessible to the robot of Google.

If at any time we change our blog site it can indicate to Google Change Address, Using 301 redirects and taking great touch, although grateful to have such tools.

Finally, Settings we can handle minor parameters such as geographic targeting (Where do visitors come mostly?), The preferred domain (With WWW or without WWW?) Or the frequency of tracking.

Its web site

If in the previous section we set up many things, especially in this section we see how they come to our blog via Google. Popular search queries will indicate in which search results appear our site and clicks on the results they have done. Can serve to optimize to a greater or lesser extent our site to specific keywords.

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