Apple Maps considered as life threatening by Australian police

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The bugs in Apple Maps have been well documented, but this is the first time the poor quality of the mapping service has been classed as life-threatening.The town of Mildura in Australia only has a population of around 30,000 people, and according to Apple Maps the town can be found in the middle of a National Park, some 70 km away from its actual location. That’s frustrating for anyone relying on Apple Maps to guide them there, but it also turns out to be very dangerous. The incorrect location is off the beaten track, with poor roads, no water supply nearby, and temperatures that can reach as high as 46 degrees Celsius during the day.

Mildura Police have issued a warning about using Apple Maps to find the town because they are having to go rescue people. For example, one man was stranded there for 24 hours last week. The problem is made worse by poor phone reception, meaning in order to get help individuals have to leave their vehicle and walk in order to try and get a signal.

The advice from Mildura’s police department is to not use Apple Maps if you are attempting to travel to the town. Use another mapping service instead, and as a backup, carry a good old fashioned map. Both Google Maps and Nokia’s new Here service have Mildura located in the correct place. Dedicated car navigation devices sold in Australia are also going to be much more reliable.

It’s likely Apple will hear about this and want to fix the issue very quickly. Having your mapping service linked to life-threatening situations is not quite great .

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