Android | I’m Watch acts as standalone device – One device to rule em all.

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Pictured above is the “I’m Watch”, the latest entry into the Android powered watch market. Developed by an Italian company also named “I’m”, this new timepiece is different than the others that have been announced recently as it is not dependent on another Android mobile device to run. It will have its own app and music store, allowing it to interact with your info on its own via WiFi. Of course, it can also pair with an Android phone via Bluetooth, and promises to be able to make calls through that connection. While not named especially well, it is an interesting accessory offer for consumers who use Android devices daily.

The version of Android running on this device is 1.6. This is due to the fact that the watch only has 64MB of internal RAM memory, which limits which Android ROMS can be used as the later versions are pretty fat.  Their site lists the watch’s price as being 299 euros. Comparing it to the other recently announced Android like the MetaWatch and the Motoactv, the I’m has a leg up in the looks department. The more a watch looks like, well, a watch, the better it’s going to sell. Add in the fact that it operates independently, it could be an attractive option to tech-savvy consumers that want something that can work even if they have no phone on their person.

The video the company has created is impressive, hopefully it is an indication of the build quality of the “I’m Watch” when it releases. The full video is below.

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